MrBeast Participants Injured Filming Competition Video in North Carolina

MrBeast revealed a $500,000 challenge video that sort of looks like a new squid game challenge. The highlighting part of the challenge was that it had one hundred participants who ranged from an infant to a World War 2 veteran.

This lucrative challenge had contestants from different walks of life. The youngest was a 1-year-old, and the oldest was a 100-year-old war veteran. They put each person in glass chambers, and the winner who survives till the end would win half a million dollars.

TMZ is now reporting several of the contestants have suffered injuries during filming.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us on Monday, Beast hosted an Olympic-style challenge — with reps from countries all around the world. We’re told the competition included some sort of running event with hurdles and obstacles.

At some point, the competition became too intense, and possibly dangerous, resulting in what we’re told was several of the athletes sustaining injuries.

A rep for MrBeast tells TMZ, “MrBeast was working on an upcoming video with athletic challenges, and there were three minor medical issues out of almost 200 participants. Medical personnel attended to the people immediately and released them shortly after.”

While we don’t yet know the exact details of the injuries, our sources tell us the team has resumed filming … so if there was any potential for more danger, that’s clearly no longer an issue.

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