Missy Elliott Offers Some Words of Financial Wisdom...for Tyrese? [Video]

Missy Elliott took to Instagram to offer some financial advice about living within your means.

She captioned the clip,

Trying to make ends meet? Well you can’t be embarrassed to DOWN SIZE! A WISE person NOT gonna spend all their Coins [dollar emoji] trying to empress erbody else! A WISE person gonna save up their [money emoji] & get only what they can afford so they can always LIVE COMFORTABLY secondly  It’s NEVER to late 2 LEARN! Surround yaself with people who about their business & NOT those ones who is LAZY! U need those homies that will help inspire u to stay on TOP of yo own [poop emoji]

Fans were quick to correlate Missy’s public advice to Tyrese’s recently announced money troubles.

Regardless of whether she’s talking about Tyrese or not — she has a point. Watch below.

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