Miss USA 'Annoyed' By People Thinking She's a Trump Supporter -- Even Though She Sang the National Anthem at a Trump Rally

Reigning Miss USA Asya Branch says that she has to restrain herself from rolling her eyes when people assume she’s a Trump supporter — even though she sang the national anthem at one of Trump’s rallies AND met with people at the White House.

via Page Six:

“It does annoy me when people just jump down on me and assume that I am a Trump supporter,” she told Page Six, “It’s aggravating that people always jump to assumptions before having the full story. But you know it’s just a part of life — people are always going to have something to say.”

She participated in a criminal justice reform roundtable at the White House with Trump in 2018, and sang at a rally Southaven, Mississippi the same year. She says it was part of her duties in her previous post as Miss Mississippi.

We’d let her slide on the criminal justice reform because ultimately that’s for the betterment of other people, however, singing at the National Anthem is a matter of lending her talents to help the atmosphere of Trump’s personal, self-serving, event — so, sorry girl. You can’t be mad that people think you’re a Trump supporter when you sang to support Trump.

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