Miguel Shares Gruesome Photos After Back Suspension Performance

On Friday (Aug. 25), Miguel provided his fans with an intimate concert in Los Angeles, where he delivered live renditions of new music from his forthcoming LP, VISCERA. One of the more shocking moments came when the singer executed a back suspension, which is when a person is lifted into the air by hooks inserted into the actual flesh.

via: HipHopDX

Miguel has shared with fans the bloody aftermath of his recent body suspension stunt, used to promote his new upcoming album, Viscera.

The “How Many Drinks?” crooner took to Instagram on Monday (August 28) to share the marks left on his back from the hooks, as well as the blood stains left on his vest.

“VISCERA,” he wrote in the caption. “What is your relationship to pain? What is your relationship to change?”

Check out the post below:

Used most frequently in S&M practices, suicide suspensions (such as the one seen on Miguel’s back) have also been performed by different cultures around the world in non-sexual practices, such as in the Tamil Hindu community and the North American Okipo community.

It’s unclear whether Miguel’s suicide suspensions were meant to pay tribute to the cultures, or were meant to have a connection to S&M practices.

On Friday (August 25), the Grammy Award-winning singer partnered with Sony for a performance titled “Viscera Experience” where he played tracks off of his highly-anticipated fifth album.

In the process of performing a forthcoming track called, “Number 9,” Miguel was fitted with temporary piercings in the skin on his back and suspended in the air with the use of hooks. His skin was protruding as he was hanging in the balance.

Alongside the riveting performance, there were interactive activations dedicated to Viscera that catered to art, technology, and music.

Miguel has been making his return to music throughout the first half of 2023. In May, he shared a previously unreleased track titled “Rope.”

On the track, the “Adorn” singer contemplates life, death, and whether love can save a person in turmoil. “UNRELEASED PT.2,” Miguel wrote of the track on Instagram at the time, while urging fans to check out the full song and video on YouTube.

In the visualizer, the “Sure Thing” singer is spotted on what looks to be found footage from a handheld camera, which mirrors that of another shared unreleased track called “SID.”

“All of your love/ I can’t recall/ At all,” he sings on “Rope.” “There’s a hole in my head/ That seemed so small/ Not anymore/ And all of our love/ Won’t save me now.”

He continues on the hook: “I’m hanging onto nothing/ I’m hanging from the ceiling/ Rope around my neck/ I’m hanging onto something/ The walls are closing in.“

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