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Michael Jordan’s Son, Jeffrey, Accused Of Felony Assault In AZ

Jeffrey Jordan, the 32-year-old son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, is accused of assaulting staff at a hospital in Arizona Friday night, where he was being treated for an injury he sustained in a bar.

According to police, Jeffrey was at Casa Amigos bar in Scottsdale when he “fell and hit his head. Officers say Jordan then became combative with security who were attempting to escort him out of the bar to receive medical attention.

That’s when the police were called. After interviewing bar staff, police deemed the incident “medical in nature,” not criminal.

An ambulance was called to transport Jeffrey to a hospital — where he allegedly popped off.

Jeffrey is accused of assaulting hospital staff while being treated for the injury he sustained at the bar.

A report for felony aggravated assault was taken at the hospital.

Jeffrey says he was merely confused and disoriented after falling, which led to the commotion at the hospital.

On Saturday, Jeffrey was booked for one count of aggravated assault of a healthcare professional.

He has since been released.

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