Michael Jackson's Son Blanket Did Not Pen 'Disturbing' Cartoon Series, 'Kill Them All' [Photo]


The late Michael Jackson‘s youngest child, ‘Blanket’ (Prince Michael II), has created and written an online cartoon series called Kill Them All.

UPDATE: The creators of the show say that ‘Blanket’ has absolutely nothing to do with it. Read their official statement below…

“Prince Michael aka Blanket Jackson II has and has never had any connections with the KTAshow” 

We, Morphline Pictures want to categorically state and deny the rumour spread by the Daily mail and other tabloids that Prince Michael Jackson II (“PMJ II”) has had or continues to have any connection with our show. PMJ II is an innocent 11 year old whom these tabloids are smearing with this false rumour.

“Kill Them All” is an animated series produced by Morphline Pictures and written by brothers “Prince” and “Michael” who used to work under the pseudonym “Prince Michael II” which is not connected to and has never been connected to PMJ II. 
We, Morphline Pictures would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Jackson Family especially Prince Michael for any harm this may have caused.

Morphline Pictures

The London Daily Star reports that the violent nature of the animation is causing deep concerns about the mental state of the 11-year-old.


The storyline is billed as “a silent stick-man action animation about a nameless boy who witnesses his father’s murder and, 12 years later, begins a one-man crusade to kill the people responsible,” reports the Daily Star.

“Given the unique and well-known circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death, his son’s revenge theme in his cartoon series should be a cause for concern,” psychiatrist Carl Nelsen tells the Daily Star.

He continues:

“He clearly harbors the belief that someone should be made to pay for his father’s demise, even though Dr. Conrad Murray  has served his jail time. I would say this young man might benefit from therapy – or more therapy if he has already undergone some.”

A source close to the family claims matriarch Katherine Jackson had been “unaware” of the macabre project and has “no idea” who paid the £10,000 for it to be produced and uploaded online.

“This has caught her completely off guard,” our source said. “She’s very shaken by the theme. This is a side of Blanket she never suspected was there.”

Katherine, if this is all true — take this as a sign and get that boy into therapy. We’ve already witnessed the unraveling of one Jackson child, we don’t need to witness another.

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