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Michael Jackson’s Accusers Slam Effort to Block Them From Obtaining Photos of Late Pop Star’s Genitals

Michael Jackson’s production company wants to stop two of his accusers from getting their hands on police photos that may include images of his private parts.

via: Radar Online

As this outlet reported, Wade Robson and James Safechuck — who are suing Jackson’s companies over alleged sexual abuse by the singer when they were kids — fired off subpoenas seeking records and photos of the investigations into the Beat It singer.

“The Los Angeles Police Department and Santa Barbara Police Department gave Michael Jackson and their legal team including Thomas Mesereau all of the incriminating evidence showing that Michael Jackson was sexually abusing children and that his corporations knew about it,” Robson and Safechuck’s attorney, John Carpenter, told TMZ on Friday.

Carpenter believes his clients are also entitled to the alleged evidence — even if it shows Jackson’s private parts, adding, “I understand why the Michael Jackson defense team doesn’t want us to have it.”

RadarOnline.com told you — Jackson’s companies tried to shut down their attempt to gain access to the records from the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office.

We obtained the docs in which the legal team for Jackson’s corporations slammed Robson and Safechuck’s efforts to obtain the “highly sensitive private documents,” which allegedly include photos of the late pop star’s naked body.

“Specifically, California’s statutory and common law recognize privacy rights to images of deceased persons. Plaintiffs’ demand for certain documents—including photographs of Michael Jackson’s genitalia and naked body taken by police—represents an egregious violation of these privacy rights, and is simply beyond the pale,” the legal filing this week read.

They also warned they’d continue to fight all of Robson and Safechuck’s attempts to access the private images, claiming their “subpoenas are an appalling intrusion and violation of these privacy interests and have no legitimate purpose.”

In response to their latest effort, Jackson’s attorneys said, “This is a desperate attempt by Robson, Safechuck, and their attorneys to poison the jury pool and to promote their uncorroborated allegations against Michael Jackson. This case should be tried in a court of law, not in the media.”

They also claimed that both accusers have the same information as they do, adding that nothing proves Jackson was ever sexual with children.

“This was confirmed by Mr. Jackson’s lengthy criminal trial in 2005, where he was acquitted 14 times and completely exonerated by a very conservative jury,” they stated.

Robson and Safechuck filed lawsuits in 2013 accusing Jackson of sexually assaulting them when they were minors. The lawsuits were initially dismissed because of the statute of limitations; however, during their appeals, California implemented a new law that eliminates the statute of limitations for alleged victims to file lawsuits over child sexual assault accusations.

Robson has long claimed Jackson allegedly began abusing him when he was 7. Safechuck said his alleged abuse started during Michael’s Bad Tour and continued for several years. They are preparing to head to trial against Jackson’s companies.

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