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Michael Irvin Calls Out His Son’s Rap Career: ‘You Grew Up in a Gated Community Your Whole Life’ [Video]

Michael Irvin has built a second career out of calling out people on national television. That long list now includes his son.

via: Complex

Irvin brought up his son’s rap career during a segment on the latest episode of Skip Bayless’ FS1 show Undisputed. The Hall of Fame wide receiver brought up his son, who raps under the name Tut Tarantino, while talking about Ja Morant.

According to Irvin, Tut Tarantino raps about a life he hasn’t lived, adding that the young man “grew up in a gated community” his entire childhood.

“I got a son. He raps. His rap name is Tut Tarantino,” Irvin shared at the 4:49 mark of the below clip. “ If you ever listen to some of his raps. I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ Where does this come from, son? You grew up in a gated community your whole life. But he’s rapping my life. Because we romanticize and fantasize about that old thug life, ghetto life, and all of that stuff. When… we used to work to get away from. Now, we’ve gotten to a place somehow where we’re running back towards it. In the music, in everything.”

It isn’t the first time Irvin has expressed his confusion over his son’s rap career. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show in 2019, Irvin talked about his son, Elijah, for flaunting a fake persona as Tut Tarantino.

“He raps about some of the hardest stuff in the world,” Irvin said. “I say to him, ‘Son, you grew up in a 20,000 square foot. gated community! Where does this stuff come from?'”

Irvin added, “I worked hard to get you out of this, and you’re rapping right back to it.”

Check out Irvin’s son Tut Tarantino in the music videos below.

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