Melania Trump BUSTED for Plagiarizing Michelle Obama's Speech, Trump Camp Insists She Didn't [Photos + Video]

HHGoodyGs_2016-Jul-19 1

Melania Trump gave a speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night — and it was lifted straight from Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

After evidence of the plagiarism swept the media, the Trump campaign denies copying the First Lady and insists that Melania’s speech was all her own doing.

The evidence suggests otherwise:


Interestingly enough, Melania intially said she wrote the speech herself with as little help as possible…

…but after getting busted, her official statement attributes a ‘team of writers’ for crafting the speech.

By ‘team of writers’, we’re going to assume she means Michelle Obama.

Watch a side-by-side comparison of the speeches being delivered below.

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