Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Rushes To Court, Pleads For Emergency Hearing Over Spice Girl Star’s Alleged Drinking & ‘Bizarre’ Behavior |

Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Rushes To Court, Pleads For Emergency Hearing Over Spice Girl Star’s Alleged Drinking & ‘Bizarre’ Behavior

The former husband of Spice Girls star Mel B, Stephen Belafonte, has made his way to court in a hurry to plead for an emergency hearing in relation to their 11-year-old daughter, Madison.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, Stephen requested the hearing to discuss Mel’s alleged drinking and other concerning behavior.

Stephen said he wants a court order where Madison can have her own private phone, privacy to make her call to him without Mel around, and an order that Mel’s other daughter Phoenix cannot access Madison’s phone.

Further, he wants a court order prohibiting Mel from being under the influence or alcohol or other substance “which substantially impairs her ability to care for Madison” during her custody time with their kid.

“In many of Madison’s communications with [Mel], [Mel] is demonstrably intoxicated, slurring her speech and speaking in the distinct manner in which [Mel] speaks when intoxicated,” the filing read. “This has gotten to the point where Madison has felt the need to call [Mel] out.”

Stephen also wants the court to order Mel to not expose or present herself naked in Madison’s presence, “including but not limited to, entering Madison’s bathtub, walking around her without underwear, or attempting to sleep in the same bed naked with Madison.”

He said Madison told him about an incident in November 2022, where had previously “[Mel] inappropriately entered Madison’s bathtub naked and, on several occasions, ‘cuddled’ naked with Madison, ‘spooning’ her, in the same bed [Mel] shares with her partner. Putting aside the unexplained nature of [Mel’s] conduct and the need for further inquiry into Madison’s concerns.”

Further, he said, “when Madison complained before about [Mel’s] habit of working around the home with no underwear, and with her privates exposed, [Mel] reacted by laughing and continued to do so.”

In his filing, Stephen said Madison is at a “breaking point” with her mother and accuses his ex of other “bizarre behavior.”

He claims Madison “is in a state of panic and utter refusal to see her mother.” He revealed their kid is set to visit Mel in the UK later this month and he wants specific rules enforced, including the private cell phone.

As first reported, earlier this year, Mel filed documents accusing Stephen of keeping her in the dark about their daughter’s whereabouts. She said he had caretakers that she did not approve of.

In her filing, Mel said in 2021 she learned through a FaceTime call that Madison was under the care of a woman named Bahare. She said Bahare had ties to her ex-nanny Lorraine Gilles, who she claimed Stephen knew Madison was not allowed around.

“Stephen also frequently leaves Madison with caretakers when he parties, gathers with associates, attends recording sessions in studios, and engages in other activities at all hours of the day and through the night. Stephen does not inform me of who Madison’s caretakers are, where Madison is while under their care, and how long Madison is in their care. It is troubling to me that I have no idea who Madison is being left with for several consecutive overnights – especially when Stephen is out of state,” she said.

The singer demanded the court rule that no caretaker can be approved unless both parents sign off.

For his part, Stephen accused Mel of being impossible to co-parent with. He said her filing was “riddled with lies and inaccuracies that are demonstrably false.”

“I have attempted to co-parent and work with [Mel], however, [Mel] refuses to co-parent in good faith,” he said while denying he didn’t keep her informed of Madison’s whereabouts or who her caretakers were.

He added, “First, and most importantly, I must address the fact that this is not the first time that [Mel] has harassed me and claimed that I have failed to co-parent with her and provide her with information related to Madison’s caretakers. Despite the proof that I previously provided to the Court and [Mel], [Mel] has continued to assert that I have failed to provide the requested information to her, which is simply false.”

The two are set to faceoff in court next month.

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