Meghan McCain Meltdown Forces Whoopi Goldberg to Send ‘The View’ to Commercial [Video]

The View is kicking off the week as only they know how: with an epic fight. This morning, the co-hosts got into it during a discussion about anti-lockdown protests across the country. When Joy Behar praised the new coronavirus relief bill from the House Democrats and asked angry protestors to pressure Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass it, Meghan McCain lashed out, calling the bill a “Democrat wish list.” The conservative co-host began to yell, derailing the discussion and forcing Whoopi Goldberg to send the show to commercial — with an eye roll, of course.

McCain did not come to play on Monday morning. In the first Hot Topics segment, the outspoken conservative railed against the media, which she said has “the worst approval rating of any American institution.” McCain explained that while she doesn’t believe in yelling at members of the press, as a group of protestors in Long Island over the weekend, she feels their anger. “There’s just not a lot of representation for conservatives and Trump supporters outside of Fox News,” she said. “I do understand the sentiment behind it.”

But McCain’s latest attack on the media didn’t hold a candle to her meltdown in the next segment. The co-host agreed with a recent Wall Street Journal article by Peggy Noonan, “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Lockdown,” explaining that stay-at-home orders have “turned into a working class versus elite class issue.” She then questioned when “flattening the curve” shifted to “finding a cure,” as the latter requires a dramatically greater level of commitment from American citizens.

A few minutes later, Behar drew on her own experience as a single mother “living paycheck to paycheck” and urged Senate Republicans to pass the Democrats’ new relief bill, and Sunny Hostin agreed. “The suggestion, somehow, that this is a culture war, that this is a class war doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” she said. “What this is really about is the haves not wanting the have nots to survive this. And that is really, really serious.”

“That is just ridiculous!” replied McCain. As she slammed the Democrats’ bill, Goldberg attempted to interject, and the two women quickly began yelling over one another.

“Hold on, I just want to — let me finish my point!’ said Goldberg. “No, it’s a Democrat wish list!” repeated McCain. “How are we going to tax people when there’s no economy?”

After a few seconds of total chaos, Goldberg had no choice but to send The View to commercial. “Okay, we’ll be right back,” said the moderator, as McCain continued her screed. But she wasn’t deterred: she kept it up until the show’s voice-over narrator finally cut her off to tease the next segment. You know it’s bad when even the show’s narrator has to shut you down.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg forcibly cut off Meghan McCain in the clip above.

[via Decider]

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