Megan Thee Stallion Follows In Chris Brown's Footsteps In Having Personal Meet And Greet [Photos + Video]

After spending countless months cooped up at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, music lovers are more than ready to get back out there and attend concerts put on by their favourite artists again, and some are even willing to dish out thousands of dollars to partake in meet and greets with their celebrity favorites.

via: AceShowbiz

Megan Thee Stallion wants to get close to Hotties after spending countless months cooped up at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Savage” hitmaker has had an up close and personal meet and greet, seemingly following in Chris Brown’s footsteps.

Over the weekend, the “Sweetest Pie” raptress gave her fans at Rockefeller Center in New York City a full sweet experience with up close and personal meet and greet. According to The Shade Room, the 27-year-old hip-hop star’s fans “got the opportunity to meet her so long as they purchased a physical copy of her album [‘Traumazine’].”

In videos and photos uploaded by the celebrity gossip account on Instagram, Megan could be seen excitedly interacting with her fans. One of the clips saw her twerking while a female fan slapped her butt at one point. The rap star was also photographed hugging and posing seductively with the Hotties.

Megan’s personal meet and greet came a little over a week after Chris had a similar session with his fans. During the fan meeting, the R&B superstar posed up close with his fans, even touching his female fan’s derriere as she hugged him.

Leaving some people wondering if he had taken things too far, Chris, who recently released his album “Breezy”, addressed the controversy, writing in an Instagram Story, “PSA!!! When artists (everyone) do concerts, they all have something called a VIP package. I haven’t done meet and greets in over 7 years…” He added, “I have the coolest fans on the planet. I appreciate the f**k outta them. These are memories that will last with them forever.”

Check out more from the meet and greets below.

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