Meek Mill Suggests Nicki Minaj Is Paying Blogs to Discredit Him [Photo]

Meek Mill is mad.

The rapper popped off on Instagram and insinuated that Nicki Minaj is paying off a few websites to post unfavorable content about him.

Meek wrote:

“Y’all be hating with y’all corny ass captions…This a club and I’m not performing. I’m just letting the 2300 people that came to [sic] club hear me…y’all bum ass internet hoes being paid by Nicki lol to try to Discredit my name @karencivil @ballerert [sic] my sister tryna catch up with y’all cornball ass bitches … this my last time speaking on y’all miserable ass clowns lol by the way Karen I got the tapes of ya corny ass saying nicki paying y’all for this geek shit …. After all I did for ya nut ass y’all sold y’all souls for a few bands … why y’all don’t post about that man molesting that lil girl? Oh I forgot y’all on payroll … and robin im in the a u gone learn about playing wit my plate! I dare one of y’all to say something Ima [sic] expose this wack ass blog platform.”

Meek has since deleted his comment, but screenshots live forever.

No shade, but Meek makes himself look unfavorable from time to time. If Nicki IS really paying people…then she’s wasting her money.


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