Say What Now? Man Tried to Kill His Wife by Stabbing, Shooting, and Crashing a Car -- She Lives, He Died

A man tried to kill his wife a few different ways — one of which would have killed them both.

After stabbing her, driving her into a barrier with his car, and then shooting her — she survived. He eventually turned the gun on himself.

via ABC:

The man stabbed his wife sometime yesterday, police said. They both got into a truck when he then tried to kill both of them by driving into a barrier on I-610. Neither were seriously injured, police said.

The man then tried to shoot her with a shotgun Sunday morning, hitting her in the arm, but she was able to get away and get to a hospital.

He then shot himself near the 1700 block of N. Loop West, police said.

The exact timing of events is still somewhat unclear, police said.

He died on the scene.

There’s no word on the woman’s condition.

No weapon formed against her shall prosper.

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