Marilyn Manson Defended By Westside Gunn Amid Sexual Assault Accusations [Photo] |

Marilyn Manson Defended By Westside Gunn Amid Sexual Assault Accusations [Photo]

Kanye West isn’t the only rapper standing by Marilyn Manson. Westside Gunn has also thrown his support behind the shock rocker, who is currently facing four cases of sexual assault.

via: AceShowbiz

On Wednesday, September 1, the 39-year-old rapper posted a photo on his Instagram page, showing him posing with Manson during Kanye’s “Donda” listening party in Chicago. His post, however, drew a bunch of negative responses in the comment section as many fans questioned his decision to pose and share a photo with an accused rapist. “Come on bro smh,” one follower wrote, while another commented, “Noooooooo this isn’t it flygod.”

After receiving backlash from his followers, Gunn fired back and defended Manson despite the disturbing accusations. “Matter of fakt y’all show me where he was convicted I’ll take it down!!!” he slammed the haters in the comments section. “Until then stfu… I been to prison before u can’t say somebody a snitch without paperwork, yall can’t convict anybody off allegations…”

In his note, Gunn went on to compare Manson to Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant and Tupac Shakur, who also faced sexual assault allegations. “Y’all didn’t stop watching Tyson fights and I love Tyson,” he stated.

“Y’all didn’t say that about Kobe legacy and I love Kobe, y’all don’t say that about 2pac y’all say he the greatest so get tf outta here,” Gunn added. “Y’all was just saying don’t wear Gucci last year and now y’all lined down the block for them belts. in other words I FORGIVE U #HWH8 in stores now.” A few moments later, however, the “Who Made the Sunshine” artist deleted his post.

Manson has been accused of rape, sexual assault, human trafficking and unlawful imprisonment by at least four different women, including model Ashley Morgan Smithline and his ex-girlfriends, “Westworld” star Evan Rachel Wood and “Game of Thrones” actress Esme Bianco.

However, Manson’s representative has denied the allegations as saying, “There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them.” The “This Is the New S**t” hitmaker’s attorney, Howard E. King, also fought back against the legal action, declaring they will “vigorously contest these allegations in court and are confident that we will prevail.”

Previously, the singer himself insisted all his relationships have been “entirely consensual” and accused his alleged victims of trying to “misrepresent the past.”

Westside Gunn isn’t the only artist to have caught flack for posing with Marilyn Manson on social media. Last week, R&B legend Raphael Saadiq faced criticism for sharing a photo of himself sat next to the “Beautiful People” singer at Kanye’s Chicago Donda event. Saadiq claimed he “wasn’t aware of his allegations” and later deleted the post.

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