Man Dubbed ‘Sandwich Karen’ After Throwing Fit in Subway Over Company Mask Policy [Video] |

Man Dubbed ‘Sandwich Karen’ After Throwing Fit in Subway Over Company Mask Policy [Video]

‘Sandwich Karen’ is experiencing his dose of viral shame after he was filmed popping off inside a Subway location when he was asked to wear a mask.

via Complex:

In the viral video, which was uploaded to Reddit this week, the male Sandwich Karen tells workers the health department will be “abolished” when he’s asked to wear a mask. “The health department’s over, don’t listen to them,” he says.

But it’s evident the woman behind the counter isn’t going to make him a sandwich unless he puts on a face covering, which causes him to throw a fit. “I have freedom, I have rights! Serve the people,” he says.

The worker then tells the man they won’t serve him. She’s undaunted when he threatens to call the authorities. “You’re breaking the law, you’re following them, I’m not,” he yells.

He continues his temper tantrum, shouting, “I want my sandwich.” When the worker again asks him to wear a mask, he refuses, saying, “I need to breathe!”

He then turns around to look at all the other customers in line who are wearing masks, and says, “What’s your fucking problem, wearing your fucking mask?” Once he comprehends that the worker really won’t serve him, he makes his way to the exit in a huff, but not before slamming a bag of chips on the ground.

Karens are always screaming about rights but have no idea about how they actually work. Check out the video below.


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