Makeup Influencer and YouTuber Star Ethan Is Supreme Dead at 17 from Apparent Drug Overdose

Influencer and YouTube star Ethan Peters, known as Ethan Is Supreme, has passed away.

He was 17.

via People:

On Sunday, several fans and friends in the beauty community mourned the death of Peters on social media.

A rep for Peters did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

A cause of death is unknown at this time.

“My best friend in the entire world, my twin flame…..the only person there for me when I had no one. I love you Ethan, I am at a loss for words. I wish I knew how bad it was. I know what you’d want me to say to the Internet rn but I’m to [sic] heartbroken to say it. Rip,” Peters’ close friend and fellow influencer Ava Louise shared on Twitter.

The talented makeup artist, who hailed from Texas, had been battling with addiction, according to Louise.

“Addiction is a disease. I had to pull Ethan aside in recent weeks and have talks with him about his usage. Everyone close to him was scared,” she shared on Sunday. “I just wish I f—ing tried harder I f—ing wish I yelled at him more I wish I didn’t enable a single pill he popped.”

“Snap your friends out of it before it’s to [sic] late. Get your friends REAL help before it’s to [sic] late,” Louise continued. “Ethan told me a week ago he wanted help…I wish I forced him I wish I yelled at him. I f—ing wish I didn’t let him do pills in front of me. This pain is insane.”

Manuel Gutierrez, known professionally as Manny MUA, also shared a tweet on Sunday. “Rest in peace ethan @trashqueenethan you were so incredibly talented at such a young age,” he shared. “I know he’s made many many mistakes… but to say he deserved to pass away is horrible and inhuman. I pray for his family and loved ones, a horrible loss.”

Peters began his YouTube career on April 24, 2017. By 2019, he amassed more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and over 140,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Prior to breaking into the beauty world, Peters ran a successful meme account (Betch) which he grew to 1.3 million followers before selling it for $25,000 at just 13 years old.


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