Lore’l Denies Bullying Michael B. Jordan, Compares His Reaction To Will Smith [Video]

Lore’l definitely had one of the most awwkwardddd class reunions, thanks to Michael B. Jordan’s cold shoulder.

via: HotNewHipHop

She thought she was simply interviewing stars on the red carpet of Creed III, but an awkward run-in caused Lore’l to face backlash. The Morning Hustle host was enjoying her evening when she ran into the film’s director and star, Michael B. Jordan. In a video, it’s clear that Jordan recognized Lore’l, and immediately, she referenced that they used to be classmates in their youth. Jordan noted that she called him “corny” back in the day, and the uncomfortable moment quickly circulated.

Later, audio of the alleged “corny” hot take was shared, proving that Lore’l didn’t say that to the actor. Instead, it was another woman who owned up to it. The culprit further added that Nick Cannon, too, holds the same title. Lore’l’s name was already too far deep in social media conversations, so she turned to TMZ to help lay rumors to rest. “Just the bully narrative is crazy,” said the talk show host.

“And the things people are saying to me, like they hope I get raped and killed and popped in my head,” she added. “I just think like, if you were upset ’cause you said that I called him corny and those are the things that you’re rebuttling with, it’s like, the crime and the punishment—if that’s what you thought I said—it doesn’t even match up. How is that okay?” Lore’l also doesn’t understand why people continue pushing the false narrative after an explanation was given.

The former rapper said she told the story of her school days with Jordan as a light-hearted tale. “FYI, we went to school together for one year, so the narrative that I bullied him all throughout high school…this was seventh grade. We were like, 12 years old. Everybody made fun of each other. I would get joked on because of my complexion, and I went to a predominantly Black school, so it’s like, ‘White girl!’ We made fun of each other. That was school, that was one year. Again, I never bullied him. That just sounds outrageous to me.”

She then compared Jordan’s reaction to “the Will Smith thing” Oscars moment. “Thi sisn’t something we haven’t heard,” Lore’l added. “I just never said it. I defended him numerous times, just because of the fact that I did have a rapport with him.”

Check out all Lore’l had to say below.

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