Doodie Lo Speaks After Winning $11 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Gf Over Child Sex Abuse Claims

Doodie Lo won an $11 million lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, FTN Bae, after claiming that she spread false allegations that he sexually abused her 5-year-old son.

via: HipHopDX

Doodie’s name was cleared in a Broward County, Florida court on Tuesday (February 28) after Bae (born Britney Elder) accused the OTF rapper of sexually assaulting her five-year-old son.

“This Was A Long Stressful Milestone In My Life Throughout The Trials And Tribulations I Stood Tall After All The Lies And Backlash ??” he wrote on Instagram while celebrating his lucrative legal victory.

“Special S/O To @arielesq305 My Attorney Was Up Sleepless Nights Answering The Phone Anytime Of The Night I Love My Team STOP PLAYING WITH MY NAME FIRST IN HISTORY JUSTICE FIRST TIME BEING SERVE FROM A SCORN WOMAN WHO TRIEDTO RUIN ME CANCEL HER STAY BLESSED[.] The 11 We Holding Up IS FOR 11 MILLION.”

In a statement to The Shade Room, Doodie Lo said he was seeking a maximum of $30 million and considers the verdict a victory for falsely-accused men everywhere.

“My ultimate goal is to spread awareness to those innocent of false accusations, especially innocent men who have been accused of sexual assault,” he said. “This issue further highlights the dark side of #MeToo: what happens when men are falsely accused?”

FTN Bae came forward with her horrific allegations in October 2021, claiming Doodie Lo (real name David Saulsberry) had sodomized her young son with three screws months earlier.

Bae shared an audio clip on Instagram of her son crying while telling her about the alleged incident. She claimed his injuries were so severe she had to put him back in diapers due to him being unable to control his bowels.

Doodie quickly denied the allegations and shared a video showing Bae allegedly “grooming” her son to accuse him of the horrific crime. In the clip, the mother tells the child not to blame the incident on “Alex,” who is later revealed to be a three-year-old boy.

Doodie also accused his ex-girlfriend of fabricating the allegations out of spite after they broke up and “harassing” him and his family for “weeks.”

In December 2021, the Chicago rapper took things a step further by filing a $5 million lawsuit against FTN Bae, accusing her of defamation, emotional distress and perpetual reputational harm that resulted in him losing income and business opportunities.

In the suit, Doodie claimed Bae had told him it was in fact Alex who had inserted the screws into her son’s anus. He then encouraged her to get the boy checked out at the hospital, but doctors “found nothing wrong with [her son] during their examination.”

More twists and turns unfolded in January 2022 when FTN Bae issued a public apology to Doodie Lo, revealing her ex-boyfriend had taken a lie detector test and successfully passed.

“I was never trying to ruin his career or trying to get clout or nothing,” she explained in a tearful video. “I just believed my son, and I really believe him. I was just going to do whatever I could for my son.

“I was gonna slide for my son, however that means. And you know, he dealt with it in his own ways but finally we came to an understanding agreement and he decided to take the test. And he did it. It’s done. It’s over with. He passed his test.”

Just days later, however, Bae walked back her statement and claimed she was “manipulated and threatened to make that stupid ass apology video.”

The following month, she was arrested for stalking and harassing Doodie Lo, violating a restraining order that had been put in place.

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