Lock Her Up: Florida Woman Facing Charges After Allegedly Hitting Black Child and Using Racial Slur at Amusement Park

A 30-year-old Florida woman, Haley Zager, is facing charges after she allegedly hit an 11-year-old Black child and called him a racist slur after he bumped into her go-kart.

via Complex:

Click Orlando reports that Zager had been driving a go-kart at the Boomers amusement park on Saturday when they collided accidentally. Zager, seemingly bringing her road rage to the go-kart track, confronted the child and slapped him in the face. Employees from the park witnessed the incident, and say she used a racial slur upon striking the child.

She has admitted she hit him but has denied that she used racist language. The child allegedly has a swollen eye due to the force with which she hit him.

Police have indicated that upon arrest, it was discovered that she was keeping a container of pills in her underwear. She was charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs, although she has since been released on her own recognizance as of Monday. It is unclear what the staff at the amusement park claim she said to the boy.

In what has been a bumper month for Florida Man and Florida Woman stories, the incident marks the latest report of individuals from the state acting out in public. Just this week, an elderly shopper in a Publix store in Florida was punched by a man after he informed strangers he wished to maintain social distancing.

One look at that mugshot and we already know she’s lying — she definitely called used a racist slur. Lock her up!

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