Lizzo’s Current Tour Staff Back Her In Lawsuit From Ex-Dancers |

Lizzo’s Current Tour Staff Back Her In Lawsuit From Ex-Dancers

Lizzo’s tour staffers have her back in the sexual harassment lawsuit leveled against the singer by some former dancers.

via: HotNewHipHop

The details of the suit contained some concerning allegations of workplace harassment and even sexual misconduct against the singer and members of her team. Though she took her time releasing a follow-up, her legal team has been bustling since then. They’ve responded to every new development in the case and public perception is still very mixed.

Now, TMZ has found that 18 members of Lizzo’s current legal team have written statements standing by the singer for the case. One in particular specifically denied one of the claims in the lawsuit. Kiara Mooring refuted the claim that there were unspoken rules that dancers had to go out with the singer when invited. “This claim also makes no sense because plenty of the dancers (myself included) did not go to Bananenbar that night and we still have our job dancing with Lizzo.” That’s only the beginning of the testimony emerging from various dancers. They make statements aiming to poke holes in numerous claims made by the three ex-dancers in their original suit. Check out their full claims below.

Despite the controversy, Lizzo has managed to carry on mostly unphased. She’s continued to deny all the allegations against her and began making public appearances again. Last month, she attended the Black Music Action Coalition Gala. During the event she accepted a humanitarian award with some of her remaining dancers on stage with her.

She’s also continued to receive support from some of her allies in the music industry. In an interview with Rolling Stone, SZA came to her defense. The pair are notoriously close friends and have collaborated on music before. While the “Kill Bill” singer was reluctant to comment on the legal matters much, she spoke positively of Lizzo’s personality and character when asked about her.

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