Lil Nas X Defends Himself Following Backlash Over Tampon Halloween Costume [Photo + Video] |

Lil Nas X Defends Himself Following Backlash Over Tampon Halloween Costume [Photo + Video]

Ever the nonconformist, Lil Nas X debuted a highly original Halloween costume Tuesday night—horrifying some fans and delighting others.

via: AceShowbiz

Lil Nas X has reacted to criticism over his Halloween costume. The “INDUSTRY BABY” rhymer took to his Twitter account, now X, to clap back at naysayers after he dressed as a bloodied tampon for Halloween.

The Grammy-winning rapper didn’t seem to be bothered by the backlash as he wrote on Wednesday, October 31, “I been silent for nearly 2 years y’all are not finna pretend to be mad about tampon costume.” The 24-year-old star continued, “let me at least get new music out first.”

Lil Nas X previously made headlines when he posted on Wednesday an Instagram video of him transforming as a bloodied tampon. He could be seen walking away from a giant hairy vagina “sculpture” on the street while holding what seemed to be a tampon string in one of his hands.

The “Old Town Road” hitmaker completed his bizarre look with a blood-stained blonde wig. The hip-hop star also wore knee-high white boots.

The post was met with criticisms, mostly from women who found it disgusting and outrageous. “I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think… But why though?” one asked.

Lil Nas X was also accused of being “misogynistic,” while another critic wrote, “Gay men often think they can get a pass without realizing they can be equally misogynistic… it’s not up to cis men to make light of things like this.”

“Lil Nas X dressing up as a bloody tampon is the most annoying thing I’ve seen tonight. He does nothing except romanticize things that give women pain,” another outraged fan added. One comment also read, “As a woman, I feel disrespected by his actions. Lil Nas X is cancelled forever.”

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