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Leslie Jones Vows to Protest Naked If NBC Cancels ‘Timeless’

Leslie Jones love herself some television.

Specifically, Leslie Jones loves NBC’s ‘Timeless.’

It’s unclear if the network will renew the show for a third season, but if they don’t Leslie has threatened to protest — naked.

via Complex:

Jones tweeted about the show during its second season finale, which aired on Sunday night, expressing why she loves it so much. “This show provides history in a way to make people talk, research, debate,” she tweeted.

NBC announced that it would decide on the future of Timeless after the finale airs, based on its ratings. “We try to give the producers [the courtesy] of letting their shows run and seeing what they do before we make a decision that’s premature,” NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said.

“Champions still has a few episodes to go, and Timeless has its finale tonight, so we’ll make our decisions after that…We’ll take a look at those shows after their runs and hopefully make a relatively quick decision on that.”

Jones may be prepared to fight, but the show’s co-creator Eric Kripke, who favorably retweeted Jones’ threat, seems to be down with whatever decision NBC makes.

Either NBC renews the show, or Leslie might need to decide on another form of protest.

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