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Leslie Jones reflects back on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and doesn’t miss the show ‘at all’

Leslie Jones surprised many fans when she announced she was leaving “Saturday Night Live” in 2019 after starring in the sketch-comedy series for five years.

via: People

The comedian, 53, recently told Entertainment Tonight that she doesn’t miss the sketch comedy show “at all.”

“I don’t miss it. At all,” she said, adding that she does miss her old fellow cast member Kenan Thompson, who means “so much” to her.

“That job was hard, man,” Jones said. “That job was like two jobs and very restrictive too. I wasn’t very free there.”

Jones first joined the NBC series in 2014 as a writer and quickly became a prominent cast member during the Weekend Update segments, earning three Emmy nominations during her five seasons.

Jones announced she wouldn’t be returning for SNL’s 45th season last fall, sharing that she was leaving a “better performer” because of the show. Now, she has embarked on a new venture that she told ET is “a comedian’s dream come true” — hosting the reboot of Supermarket Sweep.

Leslie is definitely missed on ‘Saturday Night Live’ but we love seeing sis thrive!

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