LaVar Ball Responds to Shaq's Diss Track: 'Who Gonna Listen to That Bullsh*t?" [Video] |

LaVar Ball Responds to Shaq’s Diss Track: ‘Who Gonna Listen to That Bullsh*t?” [Video]

LaVar wasted no time responding to Shaquille O’Neal’s diss track that was released on Friday.

Overtime caught up with LaVar to get his thoughts on Shaq’s rhymes, and LaVar basically said he didn’t listen to it.

“People still doing diss tracks? Ain’t he like 50?” LaVar asks. “Who gonna listen to that bullsh*t?”

LaVar then took some shots of his own.

“He gotta put my name in whatever he’s doing…everybody would forget about Shaq,” he said. “That’s all he is—a shack.His career has been over for a long time, so now it’s time to jump on the Big Baller’s coattail,” he continued. “I get it. It’s entertainment.” 

Check out the video below.

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