Lance Gross Hits Back Against Colorism Backlash Over a Photo of His Newborn Son: 'I Chose Love, Not Skin Tone'

Lance Gross found himself in a bit of controversy after he posted a photo of his newborn son on Instagram.

The actor captioned the pic:

“LL Kool G my little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped!” 

His caption sparked outrage with commenters questioning why color was mentioned.

Some also criticized him for having a child with a light-skinned woman.

LL Kool G my ? little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped! ??????

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In the wake of the controversy, Lance shared a lengthy statement about colorism and his critics.

“Two things I’m proud of is the ability to smile through any situation and the rich melanin that layers my body! For my daughter or son to share that blessing makes me overjoyed,” he said. “Miss me with the self-hate cause those opinions and assumptions are invalid. I love me more than anyone else ever could I won’t argue with fools but I’m down to inform the misinformed to a certain extent before I stop giving a sh*t.”

He added,

“Colorism exists, yes but y’all not about to just label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I chose love, not skin tone.”

Read his full statement below.

SOME have it twisted… #excuseanytypos ?????#ifyoufeellikereadingtoday

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