Kim Zolciak Catches Criticism From Fans for Her Oversized Lips [Photo]


Kim Zolciak’s no stranger to cosmetic enhancements.

While she’s been rather open about getting her lips done, a recent selfie has fans concerned that she’s gone overboard with her over-filled pout.

via The Blast:

The “Don’t be Tardy” star was trying to be a sweet mommy and share her worries over her daughter, Kaia, starting school. However, Zolciak’s appearance took center stage and her 2.8 million IG followers didn’t hesitate to share their concerns.

“Yeah, less is more for you girlfriend. You do not look good like this,” one fan said. Other comments included, “Kim stop the lip injections pls” and “? ease up with the filler dude.”

But the biggest blow came when one fan compared her to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna, who’s been criticized for years about her oversized lips, and exclaimed Zolciak is “way worse than Rinna.”

We’re not ones to lip-shame, but we’d be lying if we said Kim’s lips didn’t look odd.

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