Lamar Sally Reveals First Photos of Lamar Jr. + Says He's On Welfare Despite Sherri Shepherd Making $3 Million Last Year |

Lamar Sally Reveals First Photos of Lamar Jr. + Says He’s On Welfare Despite Sherri Shepherd Making $3 Million Last Year


Lamar Sally is still trying his divorce in the court of public opinion. In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Lamar puts all of he and soon-to-be ex-wife’s Sherri Shepherd’s business out there (at least from his perspective).

In a nutshell, he says that Sherri begged to be a mom via surrogate because none of her eggs were viable, he accuses her of being a shopaholic as well as a “messy person”.

He also says he was forced to get Medi-cal, California’s welfare program for health insurance for Lamar Jr. Because of that, he alleges the government is now going after the surrogate for child support.

‘Since Sherri’s name is not on the birth certificate by law the birth mother’s name is filed on the certificate.’ 

Lamar claims that the surrogate is being held responsible for helping him supporting the baby.

‘The surrogate is a single 23-year-old waitress, who has two children of her own, and now is being hit with this awful situation.

Check out a few more excerpts:

On why the needed a surrogate in the first place:

“Sally continues, ‘We got the bad news that the doctors found none of her eggs were viable. I told her that we should try again but when she said she didn’t want to and that we should use my sperm and get a surrogate.”

On Sherri’s expenses:

“Boy, could she buys some shoes! Sherri is a shopaholic for shoes. I would say her average American Express bill was $25,000 and although she did buy things for Jeffrey it was mostly dresses and a ton of shoes for herself.

She shopped excessively but refused to balance a checkbook. Sherri made $3 million last year but she didn’t know how much she has in the bank.

‘She is obsessed with her career. She is always worried about the next step and if one little thing goes wrong she falls into what I like to say is ‘gloom and doom’ attitude.”

On why he took control of Sherri’s finances:

“But what was really shocking to me was that she didn’t know her salary! When we decided to get married we started to discuss our finances, our bills and how we were going to run the household. So I asked her how much money does she make on ‘The View’ and she said she didn’t know!

‘That blew me away. I asked her, “OK, but you had to sign your W-2 for taxes, what did they say?” and she said she didn’t know, that she just signed them.

‘Sherri has a business manager, who paid all of her bills for her so she had no idea how much was coming in or how much was going out. After we got married that all changed. I made sure the bills were paid on time and I kept Sherri up to speed on what was going on.

‘I was upset about this so I made her sit down and watch the regular series ‘American Greed’ on TV so she could see how easily people can get ripped off.

‘I wanted her to be more responsible and aware of the household finances. I am very good with money, I have always put myself on a budget so it was irritating to me that she doesn’t take care of business. When we got married I ran the house and put my own career on hold.”

On Sherri’s cleanliness:

“‘Sherri was also a very messy person. She was a pack-rat. I always had to go behind her and pick up after her and that was so annoying to me.”

On the divorce proceedings:

“Out of the blue, Sherri asked for a divorce while we were at a session with the therapist. She said she didn’t think she could be the kind of wife I needed her to be. ‘But I thought she was just in one of her moods and would change her mind in a couple of days, like she does everything else. ‘There were times when Sherri wanted us to work on projects together and then the very next day she would change her mind and say, ‘NO! I don’t want to work with you.’

‘This went on throughout our marriage, one day she’s on and the next she’s off. So when she asked for a divorce I just left it alone and expected her to say she didn’t mean it and let’s get back to work. ‘I stayed in the house for another two weeks and we were going along like nothing had changed.

‘But then I found out through some friends that Sherri had hired two attorneys and was getting ready to file for divorce.
‘I was shocked, never saw it coming and I was really hurt and confused — still am.”

Lamar also released the first photos of his new baby. Take a look at a few of them below.

He’s a happy little tot, isn’t he?

[via The YBF, Mail Online]


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