Lamar Odom Reportedly Stayed Sober During His Recent Strip Club Visit

lamar odom

After vomiting twice and getting kicked off a Delta airlines flight, Lamar Odom opted to stay sober the next day during his visit to a Queens strip club.

via Page Six:

“He just asked for water and cranberry juice. He didn’t drink any alcohol at all,” the owner of CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club told Page Six on Thursday.

“He came with a group, three females and three guys,” the owner continued. “It didn’t seem like he was on a date with any of the girls or anything, they were just a bunch of his friends from the area. He called about an hour ahead and we got the VIP area ready for him.”

The 36-year-old “came around 3:15 [a.m.] and stayed ’til last call at 3:45; we close at 4,” the owner added. “He let people come over to say hi and take pictures while he was there. He was really chill and friendly.”

Though Odom enjoyed the visuals at the club, he didn’t opt for any extras.

“He didn’t get any dances or anything,” the owner said.

There was no mention of Odom’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Khloé Kardashian, or her famous family, but Odom’s presence was still exciting to guests, even without a camera crew. “He’s like 7 feet tall,” the owner said with a laugh. “You couldn’t not notice him.”

Odom’s stopover at CityScapes was a cap to a busy day. Earlier, he was spotted at Mia’s Sushi and Steakhouse in Washington Heights, as well as Sports in Effect, a Queens sneaker shop, and a local park, where he played basketball with kids.

The former NBA star is in town for his son’s 14th birthday. On Monday, he was removed from a flight after allegedly drinking too much and vomiting on himself.

We’re still rooting for Lamar.

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