Kyle Richards ‘Of Course’ Regrets Getting Sister Kathy Hilton to Join ‘RHOBH’

Hindsight is 20/20 — and Kyle Richards wishes she didn’t encourage sister Kathy Hilton to join ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

via Page Six:

In an interview with Page Six on Friday, Richards said she “of course” regrets pushing for 63-year-old Hilton’s inclusion as a cast “friend” in Seasons 11 and 12 — the latter of which has been particularly “taxing” on the siblings’ relationship.

In fact, Richards, 53, exclusively told us she’s dreading having to relive the upcoming third part of the Season 12 reunion so much that she’d “rather watch ‘The Exorcist’ on repeat.”

“It was really bad for me. It was very emotionally draining,” she explained, adding that she “could not keep it together” during the “painful” day of filming.

“The emotions that I was feeling were coming from: ‘I’ve already been down this roadwith my family before,’” she added, referencing the years the pair’s other sister, Kim Richards, 58, was on the show.

“My most difficult reunions were [Seasons] 5 and a 12,” she said. “No coincidence there.”

When asked her thoughts about Hilton’s recent ultimatum — that she won’t return to the series unless on-screen adversaries Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne get axed — Kyle replied, “I’m not even going to touch that one with a 10-foot pole.”

In the past, the actress has said that her daughters and their cousins — Hilton and Kim’s kids — have played pivotal roles in getting the matriarchs to make amends.

But things are “different this time around,” Kyle revealed, adding that her “girls really try to stay out of it and be respectful.”

Still, she made sure to note that her children “love their aunts” while reinforcing that her “nieces and nephews and now their babies” are “very, very important to [her].”

Despite the familial tension, Kyle said she’s trying to “think about the good times” she’s shared with Hilton over the past two years, acknowledging that there’s been “a lot of fun and laughing.”

She’s also optimistic that the two will reconcile.

“I mean, family’s family. You always come back together,” she shared. “So I will always hold out that hope.”

Shockingly, the “Halloween” franchise star and Los Angeles native is gearing up to visit the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the very first time on Saturday to co-host a screening of final girl favorite film “Carrie” at Cinespia in support of Jack in the Box’s “Final Girls for the Final Days of the Monster Taco” Halloween campaign.

Admittedly “obsessed” with Jack in the Box — which she enjoys on road trips, after nights out and even on hangover mornings — Kyle will also spend the night savoring the fast food chain’s Monster Taco before the beloved menu item returns to the grave on Nov. 1.

Well, the good thing is that Kyle’s out of sisters to get into reality TV drama with.

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