Kirk Cameron Holds Another Maskless COVID Event To ‘Pray’ For Country [Video] |

Kirk Cameron Holds Another Maskless COVID Event To ‘Pray’ For Country [Video]

He’s at it again, despite warnings from public health officials to stay home on New Year’s Eve, “Growing Pains” Kirk Cameron decided to hold yet another maskless event to pray for the country.

via: Page Six

Actor Kirk Cameron held yet another maskless event on New Year’s Eve in defiance of COVID-19 regulations — this time to “pray for our country.”

The “Growing Pains” star — and outspoken anti-mask advocate — hosted the get-together in Malibu, California, despite warnings from local officials to stay home.

“Happy New Year to everyone. I am going into 2021 with a plan and a purpose, and full of hope,” Cameron posted on his Instagram, along with a four-minute video of himself giving an impassioned speech at the Point Mugu outing.

Overhead footage of the event taken by ABC shows dozens packed closely on the beach without masks.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to have hundreds of people here. Please come and join us by candlelight as we sing and as we pray for our country,” Cameron said on Instagram.

State Sen. Henry Stern said he wrote to Cameron begging him to “please stay home on New Year’s Eve.”

“We’re too busy fighting this peaking pandemic to even mourn our fallen,” Stern tweeted, along with a screengrab of his note to the ’80s star. “Please don’t make us spend more time or safety resources on profiteering/PR disguised as prayer/protest.”

In a separate post, Cameron said he wasn’t trying to “endanger people.”

“I’m outside under the stars, giving people hope,” he said.

The actor has held similar stunts in recent weeks, including two maskless caroling events in California.

Kirk does realize this isn’t one of his “Life Behind” movies where he comes out the hero, this is real life. What’s going to happen if people end up in the hospital with COVID, is he going to host another event to pray for them?

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