Kim Kardashian to Make $21 Million From Her Third Wedding


While some of us can’t find one person to put a ring on it, not only is Kim Kardashian walking down the aisle for the third time, but she will reportedly make an insane amount of money for doing so.

In Touch magazine reports the reality star will rack in $21 million for saying “I do” to fiance Kanye West.

The 33-year-old has been “cutting deals left and right” so that she’ll have to come out the pocket less, while her family profits.

Although fans will not be able to watch the nuptials on an upcoming episode of  Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they will be able to watch everything up to her walking down the aisle-which will include tons of product placement.

“She’s taping everything else so she can get things for free in exchange for the exposure,” said a Kardashian source.


Kim and Kanye reportedly asked E! network to cough up $15 million in exchange for more footage of their wedding.

“Her mom couldn’t help herself either. Kris is trying to get them $4 million for their wedding photos,” said the source.

Mrs. Kanye West has grown a little more excited to walk down the aisle after learning Jay-Z and Beyonce will attend her wedding since it will not be televised.

Jay will act as Kanye’s best man.


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