Killer Mike Accused of Battery in Grammys Citizen's Arrest, Cuffed in Rain [Video] |

Killer Mike Accused of Battery in Grammys Citizen’s Arrest, Cuffed in Rain [Video]

Killer Mike was led out of the Grammys in handcuffs on Sunday following a confrontation during the pre-televised portion of the Grammys.

TMZ reports, that they obtained new video and info that sheds more light onto the Killer Mike situation — including the fact that he’s now being booked for battery on a citizen’s arrest … this after he allegedly got physical with a security guard at the venue, while out in the rain.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Mike was booked for misdemeanor battery Sunday evening, this after a private person’s arrest took place at Arena. We’re told KM is accused of knocking down a security officer after they did not get out of his way quick enough — the apparent aftermath of which looks to have been caught on tape, seen here.

We got a hold of video that seems to show Mike being chased down outside in the windy rain, where security personnel can be seen attempting to stop him … with Mike looking determined to get by them. You can’t see any “knock-down” as has been described to us by law enforcement — but it does look like he faces off with security guards in tense fashion.

In a LAPD post, police said the altercation occurred in the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court, which is where Arena is located.

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