Keyshia Cole Surprises Student Performers During Their "Love" Rendition [Video] |

Keyshia Cole Surprises Student Performers During Their “Love” Rendition [Video]

Students at Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy were shocked when singer Keyshia Cole joined them on stage during a performance of her song “Love.”

via: HotNewHipHop

Keyshia may be a superstar, but don’t think that such a status means that she won’t miss out on giving up-and-comers their flowers. Moreover, students at The Ron Clark Academy recently performed her massive hit single “LOVE” at an event, and were shocked to find that none other than Cole herself popped out to perform with them. You can see as the kids jumped up, screamed, and sang excitedly as the Oakland singer walked down a set of stairs to their level. Hearing them all harmonize and enjoy the beauty of this track together means a lot, and it’s one of the most wholesome artist pop-ups you’ll see this week.

Furthermore, this is curious because it pairs somewhat well with a more contentious example of someone giving Keyshia Cole her flowers, not the other way around. Kaliii recently clapped back at allegations that she sampled Cole without permission for her track “BOZO.” In fact, the sampled cut in question is actually “LOVE,” so there are more surprising connections here than it seems at first glance. They actually went back and forth on this on Twitter, but made it clear that there was just miscommunication between the teams and shared a lot of love for each other.

Hopefully more artists do this kind of salute and tap in with the youth that keeps their artistry alive. As you can see, her presence was definitely a cathartic and unforgettable moment for the kids.

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