Kevin McCall Puts Chris Brown on Blast for Not 'Handling Business', Chris Claps ALL THE WAY Back [Photos]

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Chris Brown and singer Kevin McCall were once good friends and collaborators. Their work together brought about some of Chris’ biggest hits — including “Deuces” and “No B.S.”

Thanks to bad business, their working relationship went south a few years ago and now things are coming to a head on social media.

In an interview with VLADTV in 2015, Kevin opened up about how he and Chris weren’t seeing eye to eye

“Chris had this image of me, he wanted me to be grown, sexy, have this thug appeal and we kinda just didn’t see eye to eye. I didn’t see the vision he had, at the same time it could have just been a small conversation, but for whatever reason we didn’t see eye to eye or what he was trying to do for my career. At the time and I feel like I was just sitting on my hands waiting on him to do something. He was touring with Tyga and all that but he wasn’t taking me with him and performing my songs and I’m seeing that, so I’m like ‘I gotta do my own thing.’ He had a conversation with me, ’cause I was upset. He was like, ‘I can lead you to the door, but I can’t make people f— with you, you gotta do that!’ ” McCall shared.

Kevin said that things went ALL the way to the left when he worked with Keke Palmer on a video shoot.

“So Keke Palmer hit me up, she was a fan of mine. She wanted to work. [Producer] Harmony Samuels, from my church, he wrote with Chris Brown, did some stuff for him off his Fame album, he asked me to help him out on that and I did the video for it. Chris was upset about that.” 

“He felt it was a bad look. So he decided to call me on the phone and tell me how much of a bad look [it was], but he didn’t tell me in a professional way. So I had to check him and let him know don’t ever talk to me like that again or we’ll have a conversation when you see me in person. He didn’t like how that was, but when I did see him in person it was all cool. So, I left it at that. I know how he get down and I know he’s an impulsive person. I love him, that’s my little bro, he can always come talk to me about anything. I’ve tried to talk to him several times and I’m sure I will, especially after this, but even if I don’t it’s all love. He was mad about the Keke Palmer thing, he was like you gone ruin your f—— career and I’mma make sure the label never f—- with you.’ ”

So, after that Kevin thought he and Chris were cool…

“I seen [sic] him again and he was ‘ahhhh I love you.’ I love you too just don’t talk crazy to people it’s not cool. I shouldn’t talk crazy to somebody that’s my intern you know what I’m saying? Everybody deserves respect there’s no such thing as a f—— celebrity, you’re human, your blood is red just like mine. So, I just had to show him I was a real n—- basically and he didn’t like it, but I seen [sic] him after that and we was [sic] cool or I thought we was [sic] cool.”

Which brings us to present day.

Apparently there’s some behind the scenes business from four years ago that needs to be taken care of and Kevin’s fed up. He took to Twitter to call Chris out.

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Chris caught wind of Kevin’s comments and let his fingers fly. Peep his response.

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