Kevin Durant Responds to Kash Doll After She Tweets Lyrics With KD Initials [Photos]

Kash Doll recently tweeted a lyric from the “Said Sum” remix. But the other KD wasn’t feeling “All these n****s wanna f*ck KD,” line.

via: Complex

Kevin Durant had a bit of advice when Kash Doll tweeted, “All these ni***s wanna fuck KD.” It’s easy to guess why the Brooklyn Nets player was slightly miffed since he’s often known by those same initials.

“You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off…U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL,” Durant wrote on Saturday morning.

Kash was quick to respond, telling Durant that she’s “the real KD…. your name Kevin Durant act accordingly,” followed by a heart emoji.

Kash then tweeted, “We argue about this all the time,” which seems like her back-and-forth with Durant wasn’t too serious.

The rapper’s tweet was a reference to Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” (Remix),” featuring DaBaby and City Girls. In the new version, JT comes in during the first verse, rapping, “All these n***s wanna fuck JT.” The original song dropped last June, appearing on Moneybagg’s album Code Red, with the remix arriving in September.

Kevin Durant is a beast on the court and when it comes to clawbacks. Although this one seems to be in good fun.

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