Kerry Washington Covers AdWeek [Photos]

Kerry Washington, AdWeek3

“For me, none of the partnerships that I’m in are me [just] being the face of something. I am extremely hands-on and integrated in each of my relationships, so it has to be worth it for me.”

In this week’s Adweek magazine, Kerry Washington talks about her long withstanding endorsement partnerships with brands like Neutrogena, Apple Music and Movado watches.

We’re used to seeing her kick ass on Scandal and hold the powerhouse roles like the upcoming Confirmation, where she plays Anita Hill in her trial against Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. But Mrs. Washington understands the power of social media and her strategy when aligning herself with brands that can have inevitable change. Her time with Neutrogena has led to color expansions, for example.

“I knew their cosmetics line was not one that I could utilize, or that women who looked like me could utilize. When I joined the company, I think the darkest foundation shade was tan, and it was not a match for me [laughs]. They wanted to elevate their beauty profile and really lean into their makeup line, relaunch and expand it. I don’t want to work places where I don’t get to have a voice, and this felt like a place where I actually could have a really important voice. It’s been so unbelievably rewarding for me to be literally in the labs and testing products for years.”

Read Kerry’s full interview with Adweek here. Gallery below.


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