Kenny G’s Ex-wife Furious Singer’s Renting Their Malibu Mansion to Jeff Bezos for $600k Per Month, Demands Home Be Sold Off

Kenny G’s ex-wife is pissed the musician is renting out his swanky pad to Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, Kenny’s ex, Lyndie Benson, says he has failed to follow the terms of their 2013 divorce settlement.

Per the settlement, Lyndie said she was to be paid 25% of all proceeds from the sale of the home exceeding $40 million. She said the current value of the residence exceeds $40 million.

Lyndie said she has not received her distributive share of the sale proceeds of the property because Kenny has refused to sell it.

“Worse, until recently, Kenny concealed from Lyndie that he had vacated the home and leased it for $600,000 per month, all in effort to deprive Lyndie of her rightful share of the value of” the home sale.

Lyndie said they purchased two properties and turned it into one estate while married. She said the “disposition of the” home was a “major sticking point in settling the divorce.”

Kenny’s ex said that the parties “disagreed as to whether there was a valid premarital agreement and they did not agree as the value of the residence at the time of dissolution.”

As a result, Lyndie said since they could not agree on a buy-out amount for Kenny to acquire Lyndie’s community share of the property. They did agree they did not wish to sell it at the time because they believed it would increase in value. Further, she said their children were still living in the home at the time.

Lyndie said they agreed to sell the home at a later date. However, she said Kenny is now taking the position that he is under no obligation to sell the home and “can continue to deny Lyndie her share of the most valuable community property asset.”

Lyndie said she relied on Keny’s promise in the settlement. Instead, he lived rent-free in the pad for years and recently entered into a long term rental agreement with Jeff Bezos.

She has demanded he be ordered to turn over all rental profits from Bezos to her and the property be put on the market.

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