Kelly Rowland Responds to Run-In With Jay-Z Going Viral: 'Some Things I Will Never Understand' [Video] |

Kelly Rowland Responds to Run-In With Jay-Z Going Viral: ‘Some Things I Will Never Understand’ [Video]

Kelly Rowland has addressed the now-viral interaction with Jay-Z when they ran into each other on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘The Harder They Fall.’

In the clip circulating the internet, Jay’s face upon seeing Kelly goes from 1-10 as soon as he realizes who it is.

Kelly Rowland says she’s confused over why the moment went viral.

via Complex:

“Some things I will never understand,” Rowland said when a fan asked her about the encounter during a recent Instagram live stream. “Like, I see my big bro all the time, but I guess you guys never see what we see? I don’t know.”  

Confusion aside, the video itself, which was originally captured and shared by Netflix, is still very sweet. When Jay notices that Rowland is behind her, the duo exchange a brief hug while Rowland laughs and smiles. Jay then admits he didn’t know it was her behind him, and the duo walk into the premiere together. 

The legendary rapper has been busy recently hitting up multiple red carpets in support of the upcoming western, which follows the excursions of famous cowboy Nat Love (played by Jonathan Majors) as he reunites his former gang to seek revenge on the people that killed his parents. At the film’s first premiere at the London Film Festival, Hov was asked if he could ride horses like the characters in the film to which Jay replied, “I can ride a Porsche. It got horsepower.”

He then in all seriousness expressed his genuine excitement for the film, and for the world to witness Jeymes Samuel’s debut as a director. “I’m very excited,” Hov, who is a producer on the film, said. “I’m super excited for Jeymes [Samuel] who’s actually from London, and just the idea of him releasing his major debut, because he’s done film work and he’s done music. But for him to be releasing in London, a place where he’s from, it has to be a dream for him. So I’m super proud of my brother.”

Watch the viral moment below — if you haven’t seen it already.


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