Kelis Talks Influencing Pharrell's Fashion Choices: 'We were just always together' [Video]

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If you’ve followed Kelis over the years, one thing’s for sure — the girl has one of the most unique fashion perspectives in the industry.

Kelis sat down with MTV Style and dished on her ever-changing fashion, saying that her fashion goes hand-in-hand with whatever project she’s working on.

“You know my last record, it was a dance record so everything was sort of futuristic and scifi-esque and a lot of, sort of, animalistic things involved,” she said.  “This record is totally different. The vibe of this record is really warm, it’s more into things that show off curves and things like that.”

But what’s interesting is that she credits herself for introducing the equally-as-stylish Pharrell to the world of high fashion.

“There’s no particular story with me and Pharrell. I think, I’m from New York, he’s from the South. So I think that you know,  everything is very comfortable and relaxed down there. I think just being from New York — it’s such…kind of like a melting pot, a hodgepodge of everything. I don’t remember if I ever told him anything, but it might have been you know “get a little fancy.”But it wasn’t like one thing. We were just always together and I love to dress.”

Take a look at the clip below to see what else Kelis had to say about her fashion.

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