Keke Palmer Had 'Problems' With Ex-Boyfriend Before Vegas Incident But 'It Was the Beginning of the End,' Says Source |

Keke Palmer Had ‘Problems’ With Ex-Boyfriend Before Vegas Incident But ‘It Was the Beginning of the End,’ Says Source

The news that Keke Palmer had been granted a temporary restraining order against ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, as well as sole custody of their 8-month-old son Leodis, came as a shock.

via: Radar Online

Just last month, Palmer and Jackson appeared publicly amicable during an event in Los Angeles for her streaming network KeyTV.

Palmer filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order against Jackson in California on Thursday, November 9.

According to documents reviewed by People, the 30-year-old actress asked the court for full physical and legal custody of their son, citing multiple allegations of physical abuse in the filing.

A source with knowledge of the relationship revealed that while there have been issues in their relationship in the past, the Las Vegas incident was the tipping point.

The source stated, “I don’t think the Vegas incident caused all of this. There were problems before, but I do think it was the beginning of the end.”

Fans were quick to come to Palmer’s defense following the incident.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one Palmer fan wrote, “If a woman as famous as Keke Palmer can get abused under the radar for over a year, then imagine what it’s like for the countless women who don’t have class, fame or money to leverage as protection. Keke had security footage. What about the women who only have their word? Scary.”

Another user replied, “She has security footage and there’s still brain-dead f—— stains insisting she ‘must’ve provoked him’ or he was being ‘reactive.’ It’s f—— ridiculous.”

Though the pair never commented on the incident directly, Palmer seemed to make light of the situation by joining Usher in the video for his song Boyfriend. She also shared a video of her hanging out with Jackson on her 30th birthday.

As previously reported, Palmer was worried about her child’s safety after her ex said he “understood” why some male animals “want to eat their children.”

The Lightyear actress claimed that due to Jackson’s “uncontrolled, violent outbursts in the past whenever he became jealous, I became seriously concerned he would hurt our son, even if it was just to hurt me.”

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