Keep It: Kanye West Brings Out Homophobic DaBaby and Accused Rapist Marilyn Manson at Chicago 'Donda' Event

Just when Kanye West takes one step forward, he always manages to take two steps back.

At his ‘Donda’ listening event in Chicago on Thursday night, the rapper surprised fans when a song that previously featured Jay-Z found the ‘Throne’ reunion scrapped in favor of a new verse by…DaBaby.

Making matters even worse, Kanye actually brought out DaBaby and accused serial sex abuser Marilyn Manson and stood with them in front of the replica of his childhood home.

We’re sure he was trying to make some sort of half-ass statement regarding cancel culture, but this is NOT a good look.

‘Donda,’ which is named after Kanye’s mother, was initially set to be released over the summer.

That date has since been moved to Aug. 29, but iTunes now says that it’s expected to release it on Sept. 5, while Apple Music updated its website to reflect that the rapper’s 10th solo album will be released on Sept. 3 — the same day Drake is set to release his long-awaited album, ‘Certified Lover Boy.’

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