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Kate Middleton ‘Shivers’ When She Hears Meghan Markle’s Name, Sister-in-Laws Haven’t Had ‘Direct Communication’ Since 2019

William, Kate, Harry and Meghan were at one time dubbed the Royal Family’s ‘Fab Four’ after they initially appeared to form a close bond.

via: Radar Online

Kate Middleton “jokingly shivers” when she hears Meghan Markle’s name, and the bickering sister-in-laws have had “almost zero direct communication” in four years, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The explosive allegations come as Prince Harry and Markle are said to be working overtime to get into the royal family’s good graces after their Hollywood dreams fell by the wayside.

The inner workings of Middleton and Markle’s estranged relationship were exposed by the Sussex’s longtime ally, Omid Scobie, in his upcoming book, Endgame.

In his writings, Scobie describes the Princess of Wales as “cold” and claims she has no interest in building a relationship with Markle.

He said the ladies have had “almost zero direct communication, bar a few short pleasantries, between the pair since late 2019.” Harry and Meghan didn’t leave their royal duties and head to California to start their new life until 2020, signifying the sisters-in-laws barely talked before “Megxit.”

“Harry and Meghan are meant to be on their reconciliation tour,” an insider told Page Six. But as far as Middleton is concerned, there’s “no going back” to a relationship with Harry and Markle, according to Scobie.

The damage has allegedly already been done.

“She was close to Harry, and she will always look back fondly on those moments… and the relationship he had with their children… but to her there is no way she could ever trust them after all their interviews,” a source connected to the family revealed in the book.

One chapter covers Middleton’s dedication to becoming the perfect princess, in which she allegedly went to elocution lessons.

“Kate has learned what is paramount for survival in the system: vanishing into your role, giving away nothing, and allowing yourself to embody what the public sees in you,” the book claimed. “And with those elocution lessons, the Princess of Wales even sounds a bit like her former boss: polished, regal, and appropriately distant.”

It’s been alleged that Middleton didn’t help or support Markle when she joined the royal family.

“She can be cold if she doesn’t like someone,” Scobie cited, adding that she was “never a fan” of Harry’s wife. He also claimed that Middleton “spent more time talking about Meghan than talking to her.”

As RadarOnline.com reported, Harry and Markle recently made headlines after being accused of leaking their phone call to King Charles III on his 75th birthday earlier this month. Sources connected to the couple denied they had anything to do with the British tabloids obtaining a recording of the call.

Harry and Markle have a lot of sucking up to do if they want to win the family’s trust back.

The renegade royals caused rifts that likely can’t be mended when they dropped bombshell accusations about the palace and their family during their Netflix special, their interview with Oprah Winfrey, and in Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare.

Further accusations about the family’s fallout will be exposed in Scobie’s book, which will be released on November 28.

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