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Kash Doll Wants To ‘Change The Narrative’ On OnlyFans [Photo + Video]

Kash Doll has officially joined OnlyFans, but she says her intentions for joining are different from what most would expect.

via: AceShowbiz

The Detroit rapper launched her OF account on Wednesday, December 13, but fans shouldn’t expect strictly salacious content from Kash as she’s looking to “change the narrative” around the platform.

“OnlyFans is revolutionizing the way artists share,” she said in a statement. “It gives me true freedom of expression. I’m constantly inspired by my fan base, and having this platform where I can connect with them on a personal level will be a way of giving back to them.”

In an Instagram post, Kash promised “exclusive music, pics, behind the scenes and things I just don’t want public period!” Fans will be able to access all this for the monthly price of $9.99.

Kash Doll expanded on her decision to join OnlyFans on Instagram Live, where she claimed that she was paid a “bankroll” to join the subscription service.

“Do y’all not know what OnlyFans is really for? OnlyFans is for things for only your fans things to see – it is not just sexual,” she said. “You know I got paid a bankroll to join OnlyFans so that they could change the narrative of what OnlyFans is for?”

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