Doja Cat Hits Out At 'Satanist' Critics: 'It Discredits The Hard Work I've Put In' [Video] |

Doja Cat Hits Out At ‘Satanist’ Critics: ‘It Discredits The Hard Work I’ve Put In’ [Video]

Doja Cat recently addressed rumors that she’s a Satanist, noting how fans can struggle to spot the difference between art and real life.

via: HipHopDX

Speaking to Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, the rapper and singer opened up about her polarizing public persona and alleged ties to Satan worship.

“I like the idea of: I did it on purpose and it’s this big ruse to make people react,” she said. “But I also like the idea of: I love this piece of visual art, I like this visual for this sound.

“So I chose that visual and applied it to the sound and people made up what they [want], which is what you do with art. “You interpret it how you want to interpret it. Everybody has a right to interpret how they want.”

She continued: “But this whole very confident ‘Satanism’ thing is like — I’m sorry, when the fuck did I say that I was a Satanist? Or even go marching outside the church? When the fuck did I say that?

“It’s really tacky and annoying and discredits a lot of the hard work that I’ve put in.”

In the video for Doja Cat’s chart-topping hit “Paint the Town Red,” there are numerous instances of Satan-related imagery such as horned creatures and the Grim Reaper.

The Grammy-winner also recently made a painting of the devil which she showed off online.

Doja is hardly the first rapper to use Satanic imagery in her work. Lil Nas X received similar criticism for his “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” video, while older artists such as Eminem, Three 6 Mafia and DMX have all toyed with similar themes in songs and videos.

Terence “Punch” Henderson, co-president of Top Dawg Entertainment, recently called out the trend on social media: “The demonic influence is getting more and more blatant in this thing. The gradualism was numbing, now it’s just out loud.”

Doja Cat has also received criticism for sporting a T-shirt featuring far-right comedian Sam Hyde. She deleted the initial photo but then reposted it but with Hyde’s face cropped out.

Fans slammed her choice of shirt, with one saying: “Why are you hiding your shirt? embarrassed that you’re wearing something with a nazi on it?”

Hyde is a comedian who has alleged ties to the far right and has been accused of being a neo-Nazi. He has pledged financial support for Nazi website Daily Stormer and has been involved with numerous mass shooting hoaxes.

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