Kanye West Gets Booed After Losing His Voice & Ending His Saint Pablo Show Early [Video]


Kanye West disappointed fans last night when he cut his sixth and final show at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. short on Thursday night.

As his performance of “Only One” was coming to an end, he asked the house crew to turn the lights on. “My voice is so hoarse,”  he said. “I can’t finish the show…I can’t let y’all have a show where I can’t perform for you.”

The crowd began go boo — loudly —  before chanting the rapper’s name. “I’m very sorry. I love you,” he said. “I’ll give everyone a refund. I’ll do better next time.” 

Kanye was already 45 minutes into his show when he decided the it was over.

Watch the clip of Kanye apologizing below.

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