Kanye West Fires Back at Gym Teacher Accusing His Donda Academy Of Having No Windows, ‘Serious Sanitation Issues’

A couple former teachers have sued Kanye West and Donda, the school he founded in Chatsworth, CA.

via: Radar Online

West has demanded the lawsuit accusing him of wrongfully terminating a gym teacher at his private school after the man allegedly raised concerns about the children’s safety, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Last month, Isaiah Meadows, who worked at West’s private Christian school, sued the ex-billionaire and his academy for breach of contract. In the suit, he accused the defendants of violations of multiple education, health, and safety codes.

In his lawsuit, Meadows said he was fired in August 2022 in retaliation after he complained about the safety issues at the school.

The gym teacher claimed students were “exposed to the elements” because West had a rule against glass being placed in the window frames.

“In the middle of the main classroom, a skylight was left without glass inevitably allowing rain to fall directly inside, where water would soak into the floor, which would lead to a moldy smell for the next few days,” the suit alleged. “The skylight was intentionally without glass because WEST expressed that he did not like glass.”

The gym teacher said the school had “exposed telephone and electrical” which once started a fire near the children.

In court docs, Meadows alleged the school did not have “working hot water” during the pandemic which created “serious sanitation issues.” In addition, he said the school’s septic tank would overflow and cause a “terrible smell.”

The lawsuit came months after West was sued by two teachers who were fired from Donda, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers. In their suit, they claimed they were terminated after complaining about issues they saw.

Now, West has denied all allegations of wrongdoing brought in Meadows’ lawsuit. He argued that Meadows had ratified the alleged misconduct of which he now complains, “consequently, Meadows is barred from obtaining judgment (s) in his complaint,” the filing read.

West said if Meadows did suffer damages it was not caused by him or his school. Further, he denied wrongfully terminating the man arguing, “Any recovery on MEADOWS’ complaint, or any purported cause of action alleged therein, is barred because DEFENDANTS’ conduct was at all times privileged, undertaken in good faith, and/or justified under California law and for legitimate business reasons.”

West had demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out and his legal fees be paid for by the gym teacher.

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