Kandi Burruss Shares What She Expects from 'RHOA' Season 8; Talks Sheree Whitfield's (Rumored) Return & Her Relationship w/ NeNe Leakes

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During Kandi’s chat with The B. Scott Show, the realest ‘Real Housewife of Atlanta’ shared her thoughts on what she’s expecting this next season of RHOA.

Check out some highlights:

On who brings the ‘least’ to the show:
“I never try to get anybody off. I feel like everybody brings something to the table — you know what I’m saying? Like, everybody’s story brings something to the table. All the people that are  on the show right now. I feel like it was a lot of craziness, and I know how a lot of people be like ‘Oh, she’s just drama! She’s drama!’ — but at the same time, if you didn’t have people who have drama then the show would get kinda boring. So, I don’t mind when some people have some messiness to them or whatever. I feel like, okay, well, you need a little bit of everything for the show to work. You need somebody who’s gonna be level-headed, you need somebody who’s  over the top. You need all those things. I feel like everybody is good.”

On someone new joining the show:
“I do think we should add a new person. Just because every couple years we need to add some new blood for it to keep it interesting.”

On whether or not Porsha Williams should get her peach back:
“I think she would be good with a peach.”

On Sheree Whitfield possibly coming back: “I haven’t heard anything about that, but I mean… I like Sheree. I think that she would dope. If anybody from the past were to come back, I definitely think Sheree would be the one that I wanna see. Because, the funny thing about Shree, it’s like — she’s funny and very…quick with her comebacks. She [doesn’t] realize that she can give you that air that’s good for TV. In her mind, she doesn’t think that she’s doing anything. It’s just naturally good television.”

On a lot of the housewives not being ‘open’ with their lives: “I want to see more people being open with their lives this year. Because, to be honest with you — people always be talkin’ ’bout ‘oh, this person don’t have a storyline, that -‘ Outside of the drama that happened on the show, I don’t really think anybody showed what was really going on in their personal lives except for Phaedra and myself. So you know, I get so sick of other people being ‘well she’s using me for –‘ Well, y’all [everybody’s] using each other for a storyline because none of y’all show anything personal about what’s going on in y’all’s personal lives! Like, really. To be honest. So, I would like to see more people who are open to really show what’s really going on in their life so that their own personal story is just as interesting as the story when we all get together and they have their arguments, or whatever.”

On her relationship with Nene:
“We don’t interact. Outside of when we tape, we hardly ever interact — and that’s always been that way. We don’t really see each other that often. We don’t talk on the phone. We don’t call each other.”

On NeNe’s ‘better than you’ attitude towards her and the rest of cast:
“I don’t know where it comes from. I know she likes to talk about being the only original housewife left — which is true. But, I don’t feel that makes anybody better than anybody else. Because here’s the thing — this show can’t go on with just one person. You know what I mean? If your show was that good by yourself…then you wouldn’t be messing with us like that!”

[It should be noted that Kandi’s wedding spin-off is the highest rated ‘Housewife’ spin-off ever!]

Listen to what else Kandi had to say about the drama on her new show, Kandi’s Ski Trip, her upcoming projects — including music — and more below (starting around the 9:40 mark).

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