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K. Michelle Responds to Being Mocked After Her Butt Sags In Instagram Video

Singer K. Michelle had an oops moment during her Instagram live video. Unfortunately for her it appeared as if her butt implant deflated while she was on the live.

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K. Michelle has had an embarrassing moment live. The singer, who has been open about her plastic surgeries in the past, has seemingly been betrayed by the work of her surgeon who gave her butt implants.

Attempting to amass more viewers with her latest content, the R&B and soul artist was only left with possible red face after her butt was sagging on Instagram Live on Tuesday, February 23. In the video that has been reposted online, she was dancing and twerking excitedly to Cardi B’s new song “Up” when her butt implants deflated.

The 38-year-old appeared to notice it when she faced sideways. The “Maybe I Should Call” songstress tried to fix it by lifting her butt, but it didn’t work. She continued dancing before approaching the camera to turn the Live session off. She was wearing a skin tight black jumpsuit which further accentuated her curves in the video.

Viewers could not help catching her in the embarrassing situation and began making comments about it. “K.Michelle gotta chill on the surgery,” one person advised the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star. Another fan tweeted, “I love K.michelle but I know she embarrassed right now.”

A third person noted, “Aht aht….we saw that.” A fourth one said of what he/she found hilarious, “It’s her holding her booty back up I know she embarrassed.” A shocked viewer asked, “why tf is it sagging like that?!”

“Omggggg her ass was bout to fall off,” another remarked. Someone else roasted the star, “She didn’t test them out beforehand? Why would you clap your reconfigured ass in front of an audience without testing it out yourself beforehand.”

Some others, however, claimed that it wasn’t K. Michelle’s butt implants which collapsed, but her butt pad. “It’s a butt pad,” one of them opined. Another shared her/his similar theory, “It looks like a butt pad that started falling,” adding, “After all those corrective surgeries, I would hope that her butt is in better shape than that.”

Sending love and light to K. Michelle.

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