Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Studying to Become a Full-Time Minister at Hillsong Church

Justin Bieber could be soon following in his former mentor Carl Lentz’s footsteps and becoming a minister at Hillsong Church.

According to reports, Justin is studying to become a full-time minister.

via The Blast:

The ‘Yummy’ singer has long credited the celebrity-packed church for saving him from a dark place of drugs, and personal issues — and it appears he is preparing to return the favor by teaching the word of God.

The church has recently come under fire after its lead pastor, Carl Lentz, was fired for an alleged affair and it could really use the help from its most famous member.

“Justin has never felt happier or healthier, and he says he owes it to the church,” a source told OK!. In the report, the magazine points out that Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, have also received religious counseling from ‘Hillsong’ Pastor Judah Smith.

As we reported, one of Hillsong’s leaders was fired after admitting to being unfaithful to his wife and checking himself into treatment for ‘depression, anxiety, and pastoral burnout.’

“Justin believes he can take a leadership position in restoring order,” the report reveals.

Justin Bieber has been a very active member of the church for many years. Several months back, videos surfaced of the pop star taking the stage alongside pastor Judah Smith and belting out gospel tunes.

In the video, Bieber performed “Sinking Deep” and “Good Good Father” to a packed Hillsong crowd.

“Justin doesn’t plan to give up his music career, but he feels there’s a bigger calling out there for him,” a source told OK! Adding, “He wants to be a full-fledged minister next year.”

Well…we can’t say we didn’t see this as a possibility.

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